PANTAREI SRL continually invests in new technologies, both in terms of IT infrastructure and production equipment. We recently implemented an advanced machine downtime management system, which brings advantages in terms of efficiency and production planning. Pantarei has an internal team for machine maintenance and an internal spare parts warehouse. This allows us to ensure continuous production, facilitating production scheduling by minimizing downtime.



We have 2 high-efficiency GIBEN cutting centers that allow us to work with panels up to a size of 5600 x 2200, and a BIESSE line specialized for small batches and Just in Time production, with fully automated piece-by-piece labeling and an automated WinStore warehouse.

Edge Banding


We have 3 high-efficiency edge banding centers (2 Ima lines and 1 STEFANI line) and an IMA LOTTO1 line for small quantities, Just in Time, and Contract production.



In our company, we have 6 high-efficiency CNC drilling centers and 5 point-to-point drilling systems for contract work, small batches, and special or shaped projects.

Packaging and Logistics


Our automated packaging systems and internal logistics allow us to create high-quality packaging and ensure precision and punctuality in the delivery of the finished product.

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