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PANTAREI is a company specialized in the production of SEMI-FINISHED products for the FURNITURE industry and CONTRACT solutions that can be realized directly in collaboration with the customer.
With over forty years of experience in this sector, since 1982, continuous and significant growth has seen us engaged in response to the increasing and specialized demand for supplies from our customers. This includes both historical clients and new ones, facing the new and ongoing challenges presented by a constantly evolving market, both technologically and creatively.
Today, ensuring a constant and high product quality, PANTAREI is able to produce an average of more than 650,000 square meters of processed panels per month. This is made possible through continuous investment in the latest production processes and constant technological innovation.
The company, constantly expanding, currently occupies an area of 58,500 square meters and has various strategic hubs in the province.

58,500 m2 of Production Surface

Always in continuous expansion, today we can count on a surface area of 58,500 m2 and several strategic hubs in the province.


650,000 m2 of panel processed per month

We produce an average of more than 650,000 m2 of processed panels per month, thanks to continuous investment in the most up-to-date production processes and constant technological innovation.


We pay great attention to the environment and the choice of materials. In accordance with customer requirements, we commit to selecting materials in compliance with legal obligations and with attention to quality, human health, and environmental impact.

Mission & Vision

The goal is to create a company with very high efficiency and production flexibility by constantly investing in process innovation, adopting the best technologies, and paying attention to the training of collaborators. The purpose is to be the ideal partner for our "Client Companies," contributing to increasing their commercial performance in a continuously evolving market. This involves ensuring maximum production efficiency and cost containment, particularly in large-scale productions. Additionally, there is a focus on providing greater flexibility to meet the increasing demand for specificity, especially in the furniture sector. This includes Just in Time productions and those in the Contract world, all within the context of a market in constant evolution.


The investment in technology is not only directed towards the continuous upgrading of work equipment but also, and above all, towards the training and development of the personnel. This allows us to achieve very high quality standards of work and production optimization. Our vocation is to be a cohesive group.


Pantarei cares about environmental respect. Our products are the result of a development and innovation process that, thanks to certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC® management systems, attests to continuous improvement in terms of quality and sustainability. The 3,475 square meters of photovoltaic system installed at the main company headquarters in 2022 produced 424,102 kWh from renewable energy, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the air.
In 2023, we increased the existing photovoltaic capacity by installing an additional 650 kW of panels to meet the energy needs required for the production cycle in an increasingly sustainable manner.
We have an internal system that monitors instantaneous consumption and the power required for production. Additionally, we have appointed an ENERGY MANAGER to promote targeted interventions for improving energy efficiency. In 2022, these efforts resulted in a reduction in consumption of approximately 4.89% compared to the previous year. 80% of the wood-based raw materials we use come from certified forests or controlled recycling (FSC® C138106). Thanks to the Chain of Custody certification, we can ensure the origin of the wood or paper used in our products, thereby demonstrating transparent and controlled contribution to responsible forest management.
The production waste is utilized to fuel a heat recovery system from the combustion of non-hazardous wood waste. This is employed to ensure the production process for edge gluing during the winter. In 2022, we recovered 781 tons of sawdust for internal heat production.


We constantly invest in automation to create products that meet customer needs. Additionally, we are certified for our edge gluing process by the third-party organization COSMOB, obtaining the CQP Certification - Edge Banding Process Control.
Thanks to this commitment, we have achieved key certifications.





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